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Liposuction is a procedure where fat is broken up and then extracted. Suction removes the fat cells. The fat cells are removed FOREVER, but there is a catch!

Fat cells that you can feel or pinch are plumped up. If you look at those fat
cells under a microscope, they are cells with the fat inside of them. You have plenty of fat cells, and some are plumped up, and some are not.

Liposuction removes, permanently, the plump up fat cells. However, liposuction does not remove the fat cells that are not plumped up from your body. So, if you gain weight, you will plump up the fat cells that were left behind, and you will gain fat in the same areas as before!

The incisions to do liposuction are small, typically about 3-4 mm long. I try to hide them in areas of the body that are hidden- within the belly button, groin crease, etc.

Liposuction can be done in the working room or the office, depending on the area, what technology is used, and how much big needs to be addressed.

Tumescent fluid is injected into the areas of localized fat deposits before
starting liposuction. This fluid slows down bleeding and also gives some
numbing effect. After waiting a certain period, I start doing the liposuction procedure. After a suitable amount of fat is removed, and what I’m pinching is nicely thin, and even, then I stop with the liposuction device and close up the tiny incisions. I usually use just one suture knot per incision.

You’re placed in a compression garment so that your skin can tighten up after surgery. You will feel soreness after surgery, much like workout muscle soreness. Depending on how many areas of liposuction you need, you may need several days or more to heal and get back to work and your regular lifestyle.

There are several different kinds of liposuction, including.

– traditional, which is mechanical breakdown and suction of fat

– ultrasonic, which melts the fat with sound waves, and then suction of fat

– laser based, which melts the fat with a laser, and then optional suction of fat

There are several subtleties of liposuction, where to place the incision, and
what technology is best for you.

Liposuction Stomach is what many choose in order to get that body they always wanted. Compared to traditional weight loses which usually deal with the going to gym, dieting, exercising and playing sports, liposuction would not ask for more time than what you can a lot for those busy days at work and a few meager hours for relaxation. There are many different types of liposuction to choose from, each differs in price, but the result is the body that you always wanted.  The cost of liposuction varies depending on the part of your body you want it to be, for example, stomach liposuction.

The main goal of Liposuction Stomach was evident, to remove the fat. But did you know that somewhere between 5-10 pounds of fat can be removed during one of these procedures? That means that the doctor is going to want to loosen up the fat before surgically removing it, making the fat easier to remove, and the procedure easier on the patient.

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In stomach liposuction, there are some ways to loosen up the fat. Doctor’s have used lasers, sound waves, solutions, heat, and other things to make that fat more accessible. Your doctor will discuss with you those options, and explain which one is going to be best for you. It will depend on how much fat needs to be removed, and quite frankly, how much money you have to spend.

The fat will be loosened up after an anesthetic is given to the patient. After
the anesthetic, the stomach area is either going to be numb, or the patient
will be sleep. The fat is then going to be loosened up, and small incisions are going to be made to the abdomen. These small incisions become the access points for a small device called a cannula to be inserted into your body. This cannula is going to be the device that removes all of the fat from your body, hopefully making you a triumphal person.

There is going to be a longer recovery time associated with this procedure, and that is also going to depend on your healing genetics, and the amount of fat removed. You will not see the full benefits of the procedure right away so relax; it does take a moment for the skin to heal, and for that area of the body to adapt to the changes that were made. This is a brief overview of what stomach liposuction procedures are like, and it is always important to talk to your friends, family, and doctor about liposuction before making this decision. But once you do, it can be a way to change your body in a positive way.